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(Disclaimer:  I do not claim to be a poet, but I do love the rhythm and wonder of words! So I was thumbing through an old notebook and found this poem from my college days. I edited it, and now I share with you. Peace!)

chess board



We shall play a game of chess.

We shall rise up to lead the throng.

While man moves from block to block

Never thinking he is wrong.


The players move. They smile and nod.

Each one thinking he is god.


And the board lies still below,

And the world still does not know.


We shall play a game of chess.

We shall rest a little while

While time ticks on and on

Just hands, a face, a dial.


Concern surrendered to the rule

Each one sure he’s not the fool


Wisdom of the wise, now all gone.

The king checkmated by the pawn.

Spring 1990


Summer 2013




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Cathy Baker
10 years ago

Your love of wonder and way with words is obvious. Go ahead, claim it! Thank you for sharing it with us. 🙂


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