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The verdict’s in, the stats are figured, the posts are counted…here you have it folks! These are the most read posts on my blog so far (11/1/13). I didn’t count any of the movie reviews, contests, or pages. 


Enjoy! Just click on a title to read the post!


A Weird and Wonderful World (A Short Story)

I Was Naked, and I Clothed You

Makin’ Momma Mad

Dear Mr. Bad Feeling

From the Help to One Direction

Hope for the Depressed

What Do You Think About Quiet People?

Bursting Bubbles and Finding Freedom in the Soapy Spray

You Just Might Be Okay

“They Ignore Me”

Behind the Silence

Dear Texting Buddy

It’s Hard Work

We Can’t Stop

What Do You Think About the End of the World?

Almost Burning Beds and Thinking I Know Best

The Basis of Hope-A Devotion for Advent

The Quadratic Quandary

This One’s a Little Sad

Talking About It

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