He Still SavesAll of life’s a stage! So much of what I write is simply a story playing out on the movie screen in my head. Don’t get me wrong. I love all the accessories of writing, but I also love to watch it happen, so writing plays comes naturally to me.

I wrote my first performed play when I was 11 years old. The Nativity Story went onto the stage of Breckinridge Elementary School, and as much as I can remember was a big success. That was my first scripture-based play, and I’ve been cranking them out ever since!


Christmas Plays

Back to a Reason–Based loosely on the Transyberian Orchestra CD of the same name, this play follows middle-aged father, Andy as he realizes that his Christmas season has drifted away from celebrating Jesus to become something costly and crazy.

Light!--Seven narrators walk the audience through the creation story and Old Testament prophecies to reveal God’s plan. This play combines drama, music, and lighting effects to create a Christmas experience that transports the audience from darkness into the light. 



Easter Plays

He Still Saves– A set of resurrection eggs turns a family’s Easter around when they start to consider Jesus again.

The Tree– Silas takes the job of building crosses to help make ends meet, but finds himself struggling to find forgiveness after Jesus is crucified.

Vantage Point– Looking at the cross from different perspectives, this quiet play looks at characters like Mary Magdalene, Peter, the thief, and others.


(For more information about these plays, please contact me. I would be happy to share them!)


Click on a link below to see what else I’ve been working on!


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