Sometimes a book grabs you and won’t let go until it etches a mark on your soul. From the first chapter of For The Good Of All, I felt as if I knew Ren. Her dystopian world with its upside down form of justice was both thrilling to explore and easy to become immersed in. By the middle of the book Ren’s friends had become mine, and I wanted to fight for her and with her against her enemies. So by the end of the book … I won’t spoil it, but I will say grab the tissues. If you’re looking for a book to get lost and found in—THIS is the one to read.  

Annette Marie Griffin, author of What is a Family?


Part Hunger Games, part Divergent, part 1984, For the Good of All weaves a world at once intriguing and terrifying. Dahl’s imagination is on full display as she crafts a heartfelt story of a common struggle—being different. Ren’s journey and growth through the novel is one readers can both relate to and learn from. From the opening chapter, to the close of the book, the action and intrigue will keep readers engrossed in Dahl’s immersive storytelling.

Aaron Gansky, author of the Hand of Adonai series, Heart’s SongThe Bargain, and Who is Harrison Sawyer


“For the good of all, we give ourselves.”


At least that’s how the mantra goes. Everyone knows the refrain. Everyone responds to it. But Ren seriously doubts how killing off people who are different is good for anyone, especially when she’s hiding her own difference.


Just graduated, Ren follows her friend Bala’s advice, “blend in.” Being overlooked isn’t a problem until a cute guy asks her out. Owen’s handsome, funny, and sees her. He treats her like an equal, not a problem. But he has his own secrets.


His issues aren’t like hers, though. Aberrant with a strange ability even she doesn’t understand, Ren must choose to embrace her differences or run before she becomes the next one sacrificed for the good of all.


MB Dahl For the Good of All Full cover


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“God gives us the dream, and He equips us for it. But that doesn’t mean we don’t need to put in some training and hard work.” ~ Facing My Delusions of Grandeur and Still Dreaming Big (July 2021)



“I didn’t realize warriors aren’t any braver, stronger, or more competent than anyone else. If anything, warriorship is about perseverance more than strength. Perseverance and surrender.” ~ More than a Warrior and Not My Own Person (May 2021)


“It doesn’t take a huge IQ or massive amounts of courage or even the agreement of others to simply know what you want, make your own choices, and live with no regrets. We all can do that.” ~ Why Indecisive People Never Make It to the Top (April 2019)

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"As she looked into his dark brown eyes, she saw him in places she’d not noticed before. Next to a crying baby in a cabin. With a little girl in the corner playing alone. A slighted preteen pretending to not care. On the transport to the Protectorate. Under the moon with Owen. Crying by Bala’s side. He'd been there all along."

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Hi there,

I’ve tried to picture you as I’ve written this story. Your quiet thoughts, the dreams you have, the way you hide part of yourself. I believe stories can help us explore ourselves and the world around us, and I hope as you venture on past these pages, you will see how incredible you are—how you’ve been chosen, loved, and forgiven. Life will try to tell you otherwise, but hold on to the truth, dear friend. You have a purpose, and figuring that out is part of your adventure.

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Peace! Mary Beth

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