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apocalypseHow’s it going? It’s been 2 ½ weeks since I last blogged, and I’m wondering how all of you are faring in this madness. Are you being fearless? My introverted friends (from what I can tell on FB) seem to be fine, and my extroverted friends are getting a little antsy. Some people are handling the present crisis with humor, others with rants about politics or toilet paper. How are you in all of this?

Too Scared to Find the Cape

Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their jobs. Covid 19 has shown its ugly face in pretty much every country in the world. Suicide hotlines are busier than ever, and it seems we can’t get two sunny days in a row. Wearing a mask and loads of hand sanitizer for a trip to the grocery store is now normal, and finding out when the next shipment of toilet paper will be delivered has become a priority. How are you really doing?

Someone recently told me it’s wrong to be fearful in these crazy times. God has us. He’s in control, and I shouldn’t worry or fear what may happen next. It’s ironic that my word for the year is fearless. Who knew when I picked it that the apocalypse would descend upon us.

Pray, Trust God, FearlessI get what my friend meant, and I do believe God is in control, but even Jesus had a moment in the Garden of Gethsemane when his soul was overwhelmed with sorrow. Not everyone’s first response comes with their chin up, a cape, and an arsenal of scripture.  Some of us need to take a moment and process our worry. Putting it into words with others can equip us for what we really need to do. Pray.

Sometimes Fearless Looks Like Sharing Your Story

My fears ebb and flow, and I like to think of my precautions as being smart, not fear induced reactions to our present situation. Some days are gloomy and depressing, and others are bright with possibility and hope.

Sometimes I remember to pray before I worry, but most of the time I don’t.

I guess there’s a balance between talking about our fears to get a handle on them and not letting them become the controlling factor in every conversation. There is so much that is beyond our control. But there is also much we can do.

An old college friend has been posting encouraging stories about how God has sustained him through difficulties in the past. I’ve needed to hear his stories. I’ve been encouraged by them. Actor John Krasinski has shared “Some Good News” on his homemade show of the same name. I haven’t made it through one single episode without tearfully enjoying the kindness of man.

Both of those reflect God’s character. Both are people sharing goodness in the face of something grim.

God has not left us alone even if it sometimes feels that way. We can trust him. There is more. And it’s okay if you can’t see that right now, just hang on. He will help you.

So, let me know how you’re doing. I’d love to hear from you. Drop me an email (, leave a comment below, or let’s set up a Zoom meeting! And if you have any interesting quarantine stories, please share them in the comments. Your stories can help others even if it’s just in letting them know they aren’t alone.


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4 years ago

I admit it’s been rough some days. Not because of fear of the virus but because it triggered some childhood issues. But one day at a time and keeping busy helps with God’s steady hand has helped tons. Thanks for the encouraging message.

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