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MB Dahl, Writer, Warrior, RagamuffinI’m going to share a gem with you.

Well, it’s not exactly a “gem,” and you might already know it. And if you’re accustomed to listening to your heart, then this won’t be news for you.

But if you’re not—if you sometimes make things harder for yourself than they need to be, then maybe this will help.

It’s something I learned from writing.

Many times (like 90%) when someone points out something in my writing, it will be something I noticed earlier. Sometimes I didn’t realize I noticed it. It would have been a feeling—a slight bump as I plowed through a page.

Um, Let’s Try This Again

This happened a lot in my day job. I write documentation and marketing materials for a software company. When I’d first submit something for approval, I would often get it back with tons of suggestions, and after a while I started to notice if I’d paid attention to how something made me feel when I read over it, I would have made the corrections myself before my supervisor every saw it.

This technique is working for me (and my supervisor’s much happier).

That sounds easy enough. Even romantic. Listen to your heart. Take heed to how you feel.

But it’s much more practical than that.

More - The word for 2017 - MB DahlPut Some Action to the Nudge

It requires more than simply paying attention. It involves slowing down, thinking, making an effort, and not moving on until I’ve gotten it right.

Did you catch that?

Sometimes I settle. (Gasp) I know a sentence or phrase isn’t right, but I figure it’s good enough. A plot twist evokes discomfort, and I figure that’s just me. No one else will notice.

I do this in life too. I give up, let go, settle. It occurs in the little and the big. From throwing my covers haphazardly onto the bed to figuring it won’t matter if I speak up.

But it does matter.

I think part of us already knows that. It senses a loss when we flip on the TV instead of sit down to write. We feel it—we feel a prodding toward more. That this isn’t all there is. That we can have more in life. Live bigger. Love greater.

We just don’t because we keep plowing through our pages ignoring the whispers and questions and problems—thinking maybe no one else will notice, and it’s not that bad.

mb dahl, warrior, philippians 2:15More Life than You Can Imagine

So, here’s the gem – God created you in his image. And as long as those little nudges don’t oppose him then pay attention! He might be trying to draw you into a deeper life. Trust him and believe in who he’s calling you to be.   Life holds more for you. Listen and then do something. Ignoring the problems and shortcomings won’t fix them, and until we slow down and deal with the junk, it’s not going anywhere.

You can do this. God will guide you through it.

Now excuse me while I go fix a paragraph I ignored when I was editing last night! Peace!

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Cathy Baker
7 years ago

This is a gem! I’m slowly learning to listen — and act on — those nudges in my spirit. It’s amazing how much writing I can get done without a TV on. 🙂

7 years ago

Thanks for the sound insight for writing but also for life! I’m going to listen to my little voice more and act.

Andy Lee
7 years ago

Dang! Now I’ve got to go back and do what that nudge has been telling me! Ignoring it doesn’t work, huh? Great post! Sharing. 🙂

Marcia Moston
7 years ago

I so know this. And then there’s the thing about doing it. Good good reminder.


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