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100 Word Bio

Mary Beth Dahl believes life to be a brilliant prelude to something so incredible it can’t be easily understood, and she writes stories to illustrate that belief. A wife, mother, writer, and ragamuffin, she’s the first to say she’s messed up and broken, loved and forgiven. She blogs at During the day she writes marketing materials and makes promo videos for a software company. And at night, she builds fantasy worlds for her novels. Her debut novel, Through the Balustrade, came out in 2013 with Taberah Press.


200 Word Bio

MB Dahl is a professional and award-winning writer. Her first novel, Through the Balustrade, hit bookshelves in 2013. Dahl has written several dramas for local churches and won awards at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. She has also won awards for her novella “100 Days” and her short story “A Full Life”, as well as, Through the Balustrade. In non-fiction, Dahl is an experienced copywriter and works full-time for a software company as their technical writer responsible for manuals, scripts, and proposals.

A member of the ACFW, Dahl serves as the president of her local Word Weavers chapter. She also started the first Christian Writers Hub, a group dedicated to providing instruction in the writing craft. In addition to these groups, Dahl has been a member of the Light Brigade Christian Writers group since 2011.

Dahl serves as the Acquisitions Editor for Taberah Press and speaks and performs for women’s groups, church programs, and school events.

Personal Bio

Messed up and broken. Loved and Forgiven. MB Dahl shares her struggles with depression, codependency, and insecurity openly in hopes that others will find the freedom to be themselves.

Having fought a sense of worthlessness most of her life, Dahl discovered the deep love of God anew in 2011. After having been a Christian for over 33 years, she wanted to walk away from everything, but tried one last stab at obedience instead. She tried being honest with herself and others and stopped pretending to be happy. She gave up trying to fix her life, and found God loved her still. Her mistakes succumbed to His grace and set her free to be herself, repair her marriage, and jump into her lifelong dream of becoming a writer.

As she continues on her road of self-discovery and love, she writes to help people see that the truth of becoming who were meant to be rests in the reality of knowing the one who made us.

The night is nearly over. The day is almost here, so put aside your lying and pretending, and put on the armor of light. Wake up, Warrior. It’s time to live.











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