MB Dahl, Mary Beth DahlAbout the Author:

MB Dahl is an award-winning author who writes about how the average becomes unique and the weak become warriors.


Her fiction grapples with themes like love, forgiveness, identity, and hope. All set against a backdrop of dystopian adventures or spacey revolutions. She likes the weird and outrageous and often is accused of being offbeat and curious.


As a freelance writer, she writes everything from dramas to full-length devotionals. She ghost writes, teaches writing, and works on her fiction whenever she’s not at her day job. Well, almost whenever. She loves Jesus and her family, and she looks for adventure amid the mundane.


If you’re a little offbeat and curious, then her stories are for you. Escape with the characters and find the strength to scale mountains. Glimpse the truth of God’s love. Find freedom from your flaws and grace for your future. Discover how obedience transforms the warrior. See God’s handprint on your life and know beyond a doubt that you are created for more!



From the Author:

It’s taken me years to figure out why I write or what I have to offer you. For the longest time, I just loved stories and words. Mixing them up and seeing what would happen. How characters would come alive and subplots would bubble to the surface.


Still, the stories carried with them an unrest—a strange unsettling in my heart. This disturbance forced a thought that finally formed a question and landed me here writing this to you. You’ve probably had this same feeling. Often, it emerges from boredom or hardship. A long day or an unnecessarily hard one provokes the same initial two-year-old question of why. Why am I here? Why did this happen? Why can’t life be better?


Sometimes the feeling wafted into the happy moments. It walked between the party guests like a phantom, making eye contact with me and drawing me away from my contentedness. And that’s where it really took shape, during the good times when all should have been well with my heart.


The question surfaced in the middle of my life. Maybe that’s normal. You hit those middle years and can see the end in sight. But this nagging question had been there all along. It had hovered over me as a teenager sitting awkwardly in the lunchroom, as a coed taking a walk around the Triangle with a cute guy, during church services, at weddings, and funerals.


It was there, whispering at the back of my mind, almost like a taunt. Hushed and sure, it challenged me to explain my life—to validate it.


Is this all there is? The hissing thought swept the legs from successes and magnified failures. It poked holes in my hope and drained me.


And then came the answer and the reason I write to you.


The question had looked at my life and disregarded it, but the question had not seen what I knew to be true. I knew—I know God to be true, and he can do more than we can ask or imagine.


There’s more to life and more to you. You have felt it, haven’t you? This is not all there is. And that’s why I write. So you can read the stories and glimpse the more.





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