Messed up and Broken…Loved and Forgiven
As a ragamuffin, I know what it means to fail and find hope.
Most people probably get that first thing down without much effort. You know, we all mess up.
Every one has struggles. It’s like death and taxes. Inevitable.
But the hope part…well, that one takes effort some times.
Hope keeps us going when the road appears to end.
Hope wakes us up when we’ve escaped off to sleep.
Hope puts one day at a time into a life.
And hope says to you, that you are not alone.
I’ve walked along side others who’ve struggled and failed and gotten back up. 
And I know the value in not going it alone, even if it’s just a blog post or story or a poem that gives you a hug.
My stories will give you that hug, and the posts will be real, and the poems will confuse you like good poems do, 
and you won’t be alone.
God loves you.


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