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Schoolboy Struggling with Math ProblemsThe most searched subject for my website is the Quadratic Formula. I’m afraid that’s probably a terrible disappointment for the kid looking for a little math help. Sorry…there will be no math answers here. . .only many, many questions.

Recently I sat in on a math class covering irrational numbers, and I remembered why I had such a hard time comprehending this stuff back in the day. The entire time the teacher was talking about irrational numbers, I was coming up with cute little stories about all of them not getting along. They’re all standing in a really long line behind Mr. Decimal, and it’s getting to them. Some of them are politely chatting, but you can tell the politeness isn’t going to last for long. A little farther back there’s a “5” screaming his head off, and the number “2” won’t stop crying.

And then the bell rang, and I’m still a little sketchy on the entire irrational thing.

Today is national Pi day. Pi’s an irrational number. It’s probably the MOST famous irrational number. It’s very useful. Just ask Mr. Circle. It’s also considered transcendental, and I have positively no idea what that means, but I could come up with a story for you.

Instead, though, I think it’s important to note that a system that’s built on numbers and equations and cold, hard facts makes use of terms like irrational and transcendental. The numbers are important, my friends, and they point to an intelligent creator who set life into motion and who transcends the brilliance of man exponentially.

So when things don’t seem to add up, and it seems as if God forgot to do what you thought he should do, just remember he created the irrational to have a purpose and the transcendent to serve the menial. He hasn’t forgotten about you or his plans for you.

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Niki Christiansen
11 years ago

I love your funny, creative self!
Oh yeah, and I needed that reminder that God hasn’t forgotten about His plans for me! 🙂


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