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Miscellaneous Monday - Letting Go3There’s an art to letting go.


It’s best done with quick even strokes that have a clear finish and aren’t intermingled with other colors. Letting go requires a decision to be made on our part and implies a finality that takes the work in progress to a definable end.


Sometimes it’s the prying of our desperate fingers from the very thing we need to let go of, and other times it’s the throwing with all our might of an event that needs to be left behind. Either way, it requires us to do something. It requires us turn our grip to something new.


That’s where many people get tripped up.


Miscellaneous Monday - Letting GoThey don’t fasten their hold on something new, and soon they find that they’re back holding on to the thing they don’t want to have anymore. It’s an easy step to overlook. Our concentration on the thing that’s got us fretting and flustered causes us to fail to turn around.


I was thinking about this the other day when I was fretting about not being as far along in the writing world as I want to be. It’s a crazy thing really because when I start looking at my statistics, comments and reviews, I’m not looking where I should, and it dawned on me that I needed to let go again.


I say again because I’ve gone through this already.


The doorways to my destination may have been different– being ignored when I made a suggestion or getting no views on one of my posts, but regardless of the door I entered through, the place I ended was familiar ground.


I was sitting in the same dark room holding the same poor-me junk in my hands.


And then I turned around.


Miscellaneous Monday - Letting Go2Well, I didn’t actually turn around. There were several prompts for me to take my hands off my frets and frustrations and grab a hold of God’s promises. It actually took me a while to realize I was being encouraged. I think God does that for us. He reaches into our lives and puts someone there to smile or send a note or share their story, and he reminds us that he’s there and that we can let go of the junk because he’s got this. Of course, a lot of times we excuse his reach from eternity as being a coincidence or just luck. But that’s a blog for another day.


Anyway, after his loving reminders, I let go of my worries, and I grabbed a hold of his promises.


Now it doesn’t matter here if you’re 16 or 60. It doesn’t matter if the thing you need to let go of is feeling like a failure, facing a life of regret, or following your own way of doing things. In the end, our choice to let go of the stuff bringing us down is also the place where we can crawl up into the arms of God and find out that whatever lies ahead, he’s got it covered.


And he does have it covered.


So maybe there’s something you need to let go of. Maybe the fact that you stumbled onto this post today isn’t a coincidence, but a kiss blown from the halls of heaven just for you. Maybe it’s time to let go of what’s holding you back and turn around.


He’s got you.


Anyone else ever struggle to let go of something that’s doing you no good?


Peace to you. 

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10 years ago

I’m very aware I’m a sensitive female that feels things deeply. At times, I try to deny I’m feeling things b/c those pesky human emotions are just annoying! What I’ve found is having a “garden friend” (and I know you’ll know what I mean:)) shine God’s light on my worries helps me let go of them instead of park in them. They soon disappear and then I realize that “garden friend” has helped me hold on to God’s promises instead of my worries. That is the difference from “venting” with friends that leave you more stressed and no better for… Read more »

Karen Rackett
Karen Rackett
10 years ago

Well said, MB. And thanks…I needed to hear this just now.

Sara Marie Allen
10 years ago

Your blog post wraps us in the warm arms of Spring with the invitation of blooms and joy just around the corner if only we choose to leave the pain of winter behind. Well done!

And, FYI, I’m sure I’m not the only one who reads your blog on email rather than clicking online sometimes. So do not be discouraged–we, your subscribed readers, are very much encouraged by what you write! Blessings, friend!


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