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Movie ReelSure, it’s still chilly outside. Sure, it’s still spring, and the kids are all still in school. But the truth is it’s here already.

There’s no denying it.

There’s a SOLD OUT sign over Iron Man 3 to prove it.

The summer movie season has begun.

It’s a lot to think about really.  What with planning a vacation, taking exams, waiting on the tax refund, actually working out your schedule so you can catch a matinee to save a few bucks might not be on your radar yet, but if it is, I’ve devised a little viewing guide to help narrow down the options and help you plan ahead.

Some movies are really better seen in the theatre, so I’m including those here first cause let’s face it, explosions are much better when they’re 22 feet high and 52 ft wide. 

I should disclose that I’m only listing the movies I plan to try to catch in the theatre.

There are tons more movies coming out than what I’ve listed, but I’m picky (remember), and I tend to stay away from anything Apataw related, horrific, or sad. So here’s my narrow-minded list of movies to catch this summer!


Iron Man 3 May 3 That’s right it’s already out. The race to summer movies has begun. I haven’t seen this yet (or I’d be reviewing it right now), but I plan to. It’s not a “must see” for me, but I figure I’ve seen the other two….maybe I should go back and watch those first…

The Great GatsbyMay 10–I hesitate to put this one down for the “too sad” factor. Maybe I’ll read the book again first, so I’m all prepared for the ending…

Star Trek Into DarknessMay 17—This is my “must see” summer movie. J.J. Abrams reinvention of the world of Star Trek was genius! I’m all in.

Fast & Furious 6 May 24 – Um…the Rock.

Now You See MeMay 31 – A story about magicians usually doesn’t interest me. I always get frustrated not being able to figure out how they do stuff. But this one is intriguing. It’s about a group of magicians who pull off huge robbery.


After EarthJune 7—Will and Jaden Smith. That seems like a good match to me. Plus M. Night Shyamalan directed it. Plus it looks like a true action-adventure. Three cheers!

Much Ado About NothingJune 7—Maybe not my normal big screen pick, this little film looks  good, has Nathan Fillion, and is loosely related to Shakespeare, so I gave it a place on my list.

World War ZJune 21—This one almost didn’t make it on my movie run-down. It has two big “X’s”, Brad Pitt and Zombies. I don’t care for either one. But it does look interesting…in a sci-fi pandemic sort of way.

White House Down–June 28–Just so I can compare it to Olympus Has Fallen. 


Despicable Me 2July 3—I just saw the first one a month ago. What a sweet movie.

Red 2July 19—This one makes me not feel so old. And gives me hope that there’s still time for me to work out that spy job.

The WolverineJuly 26—I’ve seen all the other X-men related movies, and wolverine’s always been my favorite. Although, I really don’t understand why he’s always whining about being immortal.


2 GunsAugust 2—I picked this one because I can’t imagine going the whole month of August and not seeing a movie, and besides my next pick this is the only other one that looks halfway interesting to me.

One Direction: This Is UsAugust 30—I’m a carrot.

And there you have it. I’m sure there are other really good movies coming out. This is really just an overview. I’d love to hear from you. Anyone interested in sending in a review?



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