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Movie ReelZombies creep me out. After I saw I am Legend, I had trouble sleeping. I’ve stayed away from the Resident Evil franchise (although I’m about to start a marathon with it), and I have no plans of spending my one TV hour a week watching Walking Dead

Warm Bodies, however, rocks the zombie world. If you’re going to watch a movie about the brain-eating undead, this is your ticket. It’s a semi-horror flick coupled with a sweet little romance. (And no, it’s really not in the same ball park as The Twilight Saga.) 

The plot’s a little like Swiss cheese, but for entertainment purposes, you can overlook the stuff that doesn’t add up. It’s called suspension of disbelief, and you’re belief’s pretty much dangling from the ceiling if you’re going to a zombie movie anyway, so just let it all slide and don’t give it too much thought.

Of course, if I were to ask a few questions, I’d want to know what exactly was the zombie putting on his hot-blooded sweetie that kept her from smelling like supper. Is it really that easy to mask the smell of life? And how is it that these creatures took over if you just have to shoot their heads off to put an end to them? Where were our love birds running to so frantically at the end of the movie anyway? It kind of seemed like they were just running toward all the bony-guy trouble. And why didn’t the bony guys just jump out of the building after them? A fall like that wouldn’t have hurt the undead, right? 

When you overlook all of that, though, you have a love story between a guy who’s wanting more out of life (or just a little life) and a girl who’s face looks strangely like Kristen Stewart’s. The music was good…if you’re over 40. Speaking of which, John Malkovich needed more to do. His genius didn’t really shine through the thinly developed gun-toting daddy character.

It’s a good date movie (if your date doesn’t get squeamish over eating fresh brains). It’s not the best horror movie, unless you’re like me and don’t like horror movies. And it’s funny, so if you’ve had a long day and just need to escape, hop your warm body down to the theater! I give it a 5 and the prediction that I’m probably gonna like it more than Safe Haven (haven’t seen that one yet).

Happy movie watching!

And don’t forget–the Oscars are this Sunday. That’s THIS SUNDAY, February 24! Watch them for me! And I’ll post the results of the old Oscar survey on Sunday.


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