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Movie ReelLeave reality at the door and grab a hold of your suspension of disbelief.

At least I hope there’s not a lot of accuracy to this movie. Surely, trained, secret-service men know not to run out into the open when there’s heavy gunfire. We don’t march in straight lines anymore, and we don’t go dashing out the front door when the yard’s full of crazy men with heavy artillery. Of course, I’m not an expert. 

You’ve probably seen this movie before. Have you seen Die Hard? Salt? Air Force One? Die Hard 2, Rambo, Die Hard 3, Under Siege, Con Air, etc? If you have, then you’re going to be very familiar with how this bloodfest goes. On the negative side, I thought some of the humor was in pretty bad taste. On the positive side, the fight scenes were pretty good.

Gerard Butler did well as the action hero. The fight scenes had just the right mixture of lighting, movement and sound. And the pace of the movie was good. Though it did feel a little long. I can think of about 30 minutes that could’ve been cut without missing a beat, and that would have saved dozens of make-believe lives.

I kind of thought Aaron Eckhart would have made a good action hero and not such a sissy president. He’s still likable though, and Morgan Freeman always seems to rock the house. If he didn’t want to pull our troops out of South Korea, I might vote for him.

I guess I can give this movie a “5”. It did get me to cover my eyes a few times, and I definitely didn’t fall asleep. 

Happy movie watching!





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