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gravityIt’s not often I see a movie and think to myself, I’d like to see a documentary about that, but Gravity had me wondering  how in the world they got Sandra Bullock floating around that space station. 

That was my big takeaway. 

I’m going to apologize in advance to everyone who thinks this movie is some sort of masterpiece. Maybe you should stop reading now. 

A friend of mine warned me about the lack of plot.  That was putting it kindly. Let’s see…there was the inciting incident which I think the movie pretty much starts with. Prior to the big debris shower, I really had nothing to give me any connection with anyone.  Personally I think they should have started the movie with Sandra Bullock driving around in her car and going through the motions of life before she takes off for space. But then they would’ve needed to hire more actors, and who wants that? I mean a cast list of seven (really two) is plenty for a major motion picture, right? 

After the inciting incident, there were a few complications—all involving those stupidly huge gloves (who can grip anything with those things), the annoying lack of oxygen you find in space, and bunches of things flying around really fast (which was actually super cool in IMAX 3D). And then there was the climax which I almost missed. I seriously thought maybe she was just going to rest for a bit. Plus the turning point didn’t help me cheer for the hero much when I realized I was so happy to see the return of one character that I didn’t really mind if that door got yanked opened. 

I know people are raving about this movie, so I keep thinking maybe I missed something. But personally I feel insulted. 

What was that “womb” scene? Surely that wasn’t accidental, but at best it seemed misplaced in the storyline, and at worst it was just some artsy thing thrown up there by people who have great ideas but don’t seem to develop them.  Maybe it symbolized life, safety, and being reduced to the basest part of humanity, but I’m not so sure. My family had an argument on the way home about this scene. Two of us were annoyed, and the other two barely noticed it. 

And the whole journey from death to life never quite clicked for me. I get it. I can see the picture they painted, but to me, it’s in crayon and color by numbers. They could have done so much more, but I guess when you’re coming from a place where you really have no clue or hope about what comes next, the best you can do is slap some color up there and hope for the best. 

Maybe I should stop now. 

The F/X were pretty good. I’m very glad I saw it in IMAX 3D, and if they ever make a documentary about how they got Sandra swimming through the air like that, I’m there. 

Sorry if this offends anyone. I really only wrote this review cause Jennifer wanted it. I give the movie a 4 (if seen in 3D), otherwise don’t bother. 

PS. I just read someone else’s review which touts this as one of the best movies of all time…so I could have missed the mark. (Of course, my friend and confidante here thinks such a good review had to be a payoff of some sort…) Happy movie going!

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10 years ago

Since you wrote it just for me, I have to comment and at least say thank you for saving my time.

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