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Movie ReelIn one week, we will officially be basking in the wonderfulness of Christmas holiday! Besides the decorating (tree is still unfluffed, btw), baking, and visiting I plan to do, I will also be watching a list of movies. They’re not all Christmas movies, and most of them I’ve seen before, but I’ve had them on my “to watch” list for a while, and I’m gonna give ’em a go.

So here are my top ten movies to watch over the Christmas holiday…

10. It’s a Wonderful Life–Someone in my family hasn’t seen this yet, despite her passion for stage plays of the same name.

9.  Elf–“Ohhh, you’re an angry elf…”

8While You Were Sleeping–I love any movie that has something to do with sleep.

7.  Serendipity–Because I found a five dollar bill with the words “watch a sappy” scrawled across the front of it tucked into a book that had the inscription “movie” written on the inside cover.

6. Footloose–The new one cause I noticed it was on Netflix (so that’s not actually like paying for it), and I feel the need to let them whippersnappers know they don’t need to fix what ain’t broke. (Expect to see a review in the future.)

5. Bandslam—“They don’t need to know my business.” AND some pretty good music. (Don’t get scared away by the Disney chicks.)

4. Casablanca–Because it’s even higher on my favorites list, and there are still some people in my family who haven’t met this masterpiece.

3. Top Gun–I’ve got no good reason for this one….

2.  A Hazard of Hearts–My very favorite Helena Bonham Carter flick. It’s GENIUS! And romantic, and there’s shooting, a ghost, and a crazy lady!

1. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy–I know this is really three movies, but you can’t just watch one of them!  I’ll make a day of it. I’ll watch the first one at breakfast, and the second one with second breakfastses, and the third one after my nap, but before the ever-wonderful third breakfastses. I’ll be done before dinner!


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