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Rewrite your story - MB DahlIt’s time to rewrite the story. I believe we all have our own stories to live. We live them, make our choices, deal with the consequences, and move on. But what if we could go back and change the story?

If you could go back in time and get a do-over, would you? I’ve thought about this a lot. There are several events in my life I wish I could live differently. Do better.

A Chance to Change the Past 

Sometimes we get the chance for this when (as it often does) history repeats itself. Sure, the faces and exact circumstances may be different, but the similarities are strong, and we stand again with a choice to make. Will we have learned from our experience and take the high road?

I’ve heard people say that no one ever really changes—that deep down the same flaws, though hidden, will eventually rare their ugly heads again and bring the person full circle. I don’t believe this. I believe a person can be transformed—the old things gone, forever.

That’s the beauty of choice in the powerful hand of God. He knows what we need to be truly transformed, as through fire, and made new. Getting there is a journey of faith.

Through the Balustrade - MB DahlMy Chance to Change the Past

The last six months have presented me with the opportunity to rewrite my story. Literally. Through the Balustrade was published in 2013. In October of 2017, I got the rights returned to me, and I had a choice to make.

I’ve already written Book 2 (which I love and believe in), but I know Book 1 (Through the Balustrade) could be better. So, I struggled to figure out the best avenue for me. Keep moving forward or do a rewrite and take advantage of an opportunity few writers are ever given? What would you do?

I really wasn’t sure. It takes a lot to write a novel, and I’m not getting any younger. A rewrite of Balustrade would take time and prolong getting the series out. And what would people think?

Some people have told me I’m just throwing away my first novel by doing this. I know that’s not true. It’s with me, part of me. (Plus, it’s going to be priceless once this series really takes off.)

The Choice I Made

I wanted someone to tell me exactly what to do and how to do it, but then I realized I would be the one living out the consequences of my choice. Not them. So, I took a step back, considered my options, and jumped into the rewrite, and I love it. I’m in a different place now than I was seven years ago. The old is gone. The new is being written each and every day (hopefully completed by May 1).

How about you? Is it time to do some rewriting on your story? 

PS. I’m also looking for beta readers. Please message/reply if you’re interested!

Rewriting the Balustrade - MB Dahl


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Marilee Brockman
Marilee Brockman
6 years ago

Hi, Marybeth. Loved your quote that you “Would be living out the consequences.” I like to journal these things that make me go “hmmm.” Couldn’t find my journal so grabbed a different notebook, opened to the first page with room on it, and found this: “we can write our future once we stop trying to re-write our past.” Dan Kuiper To me, that is God speaking. There is no one answer for each of His children, or even each situation, and that is why we must stay very close to Him to hear His quiet voice. Thought you would find… Read more »

Cathy justice
Cathy justice
6 years ago

Love this perspective. I’m interested in being a beta reader!

Vie Herlocker
Vie Herlocker
6 years ago

I am so proud of you and the choices you’ve made to move forward with revamping and launching this series!


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