Posted by on June 24, 2013

stuff banner 1We made it! When last I checked, there were a 100+ likes on my new FaceBook page, M. B. Dahl.

So to celebrate, I’m giving away a copy of

Through the Balustrade


a $10.00 gift card to Barnes and Noble(cause they carry my book there!).

I know I said the gift card would be for a hot beverage, but hopefully your B & N has a coffee shop, like ours!

There are a bunch of ways to win!

You can leave a comment on this blog post


Subscribe to this blog


“Like” my M. B. Dahl FB page. (Use the link to get there fast)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If I’m not friends with you then I can’t see your name on FB, if you liked my page. To remedy that you can send me a friend request, send me a message, or “Like” the contest announcement on my FB page (I think I can see people’s names that way, but it’s no guarantee). I guess that will cover it!


Send me a note

I’ll put all the names in a hat (or my trusty associate will), and I’ll draw out the name of the lucky winner on Thursday, June 27!

Good Luck! Let the games begin!!

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George Loy
George Loy
10 years ago

Mary Beth, I am wondering who your “trusty associate is! Just sayin’ 🙂
Loving your book. (Sharing it with Wilma, that’s why it’s taking so long). I must say you have quiet an imagination !

Bethany Kaczmarek
Bethany Kaczmarek
10 years ago

I tweeted and I STILL like your page. 🙂 Here’s hoping I win!

Cathy Baker
10 years ago

Count me in, Mary Beth!!! I’ve done all three (I thought I’d already subscribed to your site.)

If I happen to win, I will share my book (since I’m currently enjoying it!) — but I won’t share the B & N card. 🙂

Congrats on the 100 likes!

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