1. First, stop smiling. They will think they’re going to miss something and beg to stay home.


2. Make sure your youngster (and teen) is prepared, packed, and pumped. There will be no driving to take junior his pjs!


3. Be sure to have all the forms, meds, etc. ready. It’s kind of embarrassing when your mom is the only one who never got her form notarized.


4. BE ON TIME. You do not want to be the reason your kid has to sit next to the bus bathroom or some cranky old guy who’d rather be playing golf.


5. Shhhhh. Listen. It’s quiet. (That’s a good thing.) Take advantage of your quiet time.


6. Date Night!!!! But this is no normal date. Stay home. Stay home and have a conversation in your own home with no background play sounds, crying, teasing, or interruptions.


7. Don’t call. Let him/her call you. It helps them feel responsible. Okay, maybe call once. But not because you’re not trusting God. Just because you miss that sweet kid of yours.


8. Sleep. Seriously, you need it.


9. Try something new. Learning and life have not ceased. Get out there and do something you’ve never done before.


10. No running or crying or cheering when they get back. Play it cool. You can do all of that when they’re not in front of their friends.


And most importantly trust God with your precious child. He’s got this. Trust him and get out the way so your child can lean on our heavenly Father.

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