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The sunscreen is packed away right next to the bug repellant. A stuffed backpack and duffle are hidden under Mr. Fluffy Pillow and Piggy Blanket. The IPod is loaded with new traveling tunes.

You’re ready.

It’s time for summer camp, and you’re more ready than you’ve ever been.

Mom’s a little weepy. Dad’s tucking a few extra bucks in the backpack. And your little sister is beside herself with joy.

This is it. The thing you’ve been both anticipating and fearful of… summer camp.

To help you get the most out of your summer camp experience, I’ve compiled a small list of things you should know/do in order to not only maximize your fun, but also bring you to the end of your week feeling like you’ve conquered the summer camp world.


1. Be ready for the buddy system.  If you have a buddy accompanying you on the journey, then this may not apply to you. Just be ready. Camp Counselors see “camp” as a time to make everybody be a buddy, and we both know that doesn’t always work. Just make the most of it. Meet someone new, and you never know. Many a long time friendship has been born at summer camp.


2. Be on time. The late kid has to sit next to the bus bathroom or the grumpy chaperone who got roped into going to camp.


3. Know why you’re there.  It’s not rocket science, but if you go expecting to become the world’s foremost rock climber, then you might be setting the bar a little high. And don’t just think about making friends, games, and campfires, think about what God has for you too.


4. Pack snacks. This might be against the rules, but camp food’s notorious for not being that great or plentiful.


5. Try something new. Just do it.


6. Prank smart. No prank is worth getting in trouble over. If you have a really good one, get an adult on your side.


7. Sleep. Seriously, you need it.


8. Push through the nerves. Doing new stuff, being around people we’re not usually around. It makes us all a little nervous. Push through it.


9. Take advantage of quiet times. Don’t play games, don’t listen to tunes, and don’t chat with friends. Do something new. Sit quietly and think about life, who you are, and God. It may feel like wasted, unentertaining time, but it’s really not.


10. Call your mom. Just once. You’re fine with being away, but she needs to hear your voice.

Have fun on your adventure!


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