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I write stories about how the average become unique, and the weak become warriors, but I don’t always explain how this transformation happens. It’s not really something I can spell out step by step. God uses different circumstances, people, and even our own DNA to change us into the unique, strong, and courageous person he has designed. He tailors the process to each individual, and how it works is a mystery.

Seeing God for Who He Is

One person’s uniqueness might blossom under the heavy weight of loneliness. Another’s strength may be forged through heartbreaking loss, and some kinds of warrior-like courage take form only amid failure, insecurity, and fear.

I talk a lot in my stories about putting in the hard work to reach your dreams and figuring out who you’re meant to be, but I firmly believe we will never know who we really our or who we can be until we surrender ourselves to God and see HIM for who HE is and let HIM show us WHO we are.

Who God Says I am

The other day I completely messed something up at work. I scheduled a meeting but sent the invite for the guest of honor to the wrong email address. We noticed this when he didn’t log on. I felt terrible about it. I couldn’t fix it. The mistake had already been made, and the person had already made plans. And as I sat in front of my computer, shaking my head and feeling awful, my husband bopped into the room. He came to tell me he was heading out on an errand. He kissed me and left, and I realized something. No matter how badly I may mess up, I have a place where I am loved. And then, I turned and saw God’s grace for me, and His place for me. He calls me His child, and that makes a difference.

Until we’re free to move around amid our mistakes, not defined by them, but seeing them in the light of grace, we can’t shed whatever’s holding us back. And truly, the only place we can find freedom is in a relationship with a Holy God who paid for our freedom with his own blood.

Becoming Unique Through Freedom

What does that relationship look like? I think I’ve only scratched the surface of it, but I can testify to God’s peace, love, and strength. I am free to be me—goofy, philosophical, and awkward. I can dance and dream, trip and fall, and it will be okay. He has me. I am His.

It’s the strangest thing. As we bring our little lives before the King of kings, the average pieces melt away, and we become more ourselves—unique, special, loved. In our surrendering, we find freedom. Through our weakness, we grow strong. Just when we fall, we learn to fly. I can’t explain it, but I know the more I know God and give my life to Him, the more life I’ll live and the more I’ll be me.

What has God been showing you lately? In what ways are you learning to fly?





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2 years ago

You, my friend, hit the nail on the head! Surrendering to God is the best place to be and to begin. I believe that is the humble spot to clearly view ourselves within His majestic presence. Thanks for sharing!

2 years ago
Reply to  Tammy

Your blogs always come at the right time…even the hour most needed.

Teresa A Moyer
Teresa A Moyer
2 years ago

Stepping out of my comfortable box is how God is helping me to fly.


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