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First, let’s get this straight. Being blah isn’t simply being a little sleepy or unenergetic, it’s deeper than that. The word “malaise” better characterizes it. Being “blah’ is a form of mild depression usually (this is my opinion) accompanied by a lack of motivation and confidence. And being all thankful and positive doesn’t normally flow out of the realm of blah.

So how can you to get out of that not-so-perky place? Here are a few steps to help you be thankful when you find yourself feeling blah!

1. Take a deep breath, exhale and smile. I know you don’t feel like smiling, but do it anyway. And try to hang on to that smile for an entire minute. (note: it’s best to do this when you’re alone; otherwise you may look a little like Jack Nicholson from The Shining…and that will creep out your friends.)

2.  Close your eyes and recite three good things about life. (Now, if your list sounds something like “I didn’t spill my coffee this morning”, “I only stained the carpet on half of the steps when I spilled that bucket of dirty water,” and “At least the dog didn’t throw up and have diarrhea” no worries! You are off to a very good start! At least you’re making up a list.)

3.  Now take your right hand and put it on your left shoulder, and your left hand and put it on your right shoulder. (Ignore those popping sounds and give yourself a hug. Hugs are very medicinal, but if you’re like me and don’t particularly like to be hugged, then the best way to accomplish this is to do it yourself.)

4. Stay away from Facebook.  (Everyone and their brother is thankful on there right now. Which is great, but it might bring you down if you’re having a hard time climbing out of the blahs to be thankful.)

5. You’re not alone. You might not be able to see that right now, so you’re just going to have to take my word. You are not alone.

6. The blahs will go away. (No exact scientific data but I’m fairly certain about this one. However, if the blahs persist too long and seem to be the norm, then it’s probably time to talk to someone who knows more about this stuff than I do.)

7. You are lovable. And although you may not feel so thankful, I am thankful for you. Thank you for being a part of my life (even though this is fairly anonymous, except for my lovely subscribers, I value every single “view” I receive, and I’m praying for you. God knows who you are! And I’m smiling about you right now!)




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Wilma Loy
Wilma Loy
11 years ago

this is so good. how did u know that i was down? love you you r so good,

Dan Verner
Dan Verner
11 years ago

Hi, Mary Beth! I met you at Summer Arts and Worship Camp at Eagle Eyrie in July.

I appreciate what you say in this post, and it is well written!


Dan Verner

Dan Verner
Dan Verner
11 years ago
Reply to  marybethdahl

Hi, Mary Beth, Thanks for your reply. I have been poking around on the ‘net since I’m on “Thanksgiving vacation” from writing (sort of–you know how that goes) and enjoyed your blog and also your short stories which are so insightful and full of compassion. We’re in full-bore Christmas music preparation with the Manassas Chorale concerts on December 8 and the church choir on the 16th. I suppose you’ve seen from the Write by the Rails Facebook page that we’re publishing an anthology of our writers. It’s on and should be available this week. I have five poems in… Read more »


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