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oblivion 2Heaven


What an exciting word! 


I am so glad that this word is in the Lord’s Prayer. After my fretful look at the face of death this year (referenced in earlier posts), I’ve been thinking a lot about heaven. I’m also in need of having some descriptors as I ponder new worlds in my Balustrade series, so I’ve been asking myself questions like where is this heaven? Why heaven? What’s it like? How’s it different? Will I be able fly? Will my skin sparkle?


Some people have said quite definitively that all we’ll do for eternity is worship and praise God. I love worship, and certainly God is worthy of an eternity of praise, but doesn’t it seem like there might be more to it than that? It’s eternity. Of course, maybe I’m taking a narrow view of worship here. Perhaps it’s not just singing and bowing. Maybe it’s more.


The truth is I don’t know what it’s going to be like. I wonder why God didn’t just spell it all out for us. Why the mystery?


The only answer I’ve come up with to that question is that my little brain wouldn’t be able to comprehend the answer, so I’m being spared a big headache.


I mean, try telling a baby in the womb what’s going to happen to him on the outside. It wouldn’t make any sense to him. Maybe that’s how we are. We’re in the womb of the world, and one day we won’t be. We will be fully alive. We will be fully known, and this won’t even be a distant memory. It will be a decisive speck that drew us to heavenly arms.


Regardless of what it’s really like, it’s real.


IntroductionJesus reminds us of that in the Lord’s Prayer. That’s where God is. Heaven. So think of it every day. This world is not the end. There’s more. Take heart. There’s more.


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