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I got the opportunity to throw a few questions at Hawk Nelson, and Daniel Biro tossed them back at me. His genuine heart blessed me when I read through his responses. I hope you will be encouraged too.

Where does the name Hawk Nelson come from?

The name Hawk Nelson isn’t super spiritual, but I guess I can say its unique. Usually we pawn it off as Willie Nelson’s younger cousin…. But the truth is we just needed a name. It was the strongest of our brainstorming session and was available! Bonus!

Do you have a favorite song that you’ve recorded?

“Words” is a special song for many reasons. It represents a turning point and a rebirth for this band. It also has had a lot of impact in people’s lives, including our own. The message in “Words” is biblical, therefore God’s Truth. To me, you can’t top that. When it was being written, we all knew something bigger than us was going on. To this day, “Words” reminds me to use what I say carefully and constructively. 

Being in front of people so much brings with it a heavy responsibility to be careful with your words. Have you ever kicked yourself for something you said during a concert or an interview?

Definitely! From the lighter side of calling someone by the wrong name, to mentioning the wrong city during the concert. Now I try to do my research before opening my mouth! Wikipedia gives you the basics you need to know. 

What’s your favorite book?


Right now I’ve enjoyed reading Living More With Less. It was originally written in the 70’s, but with the recent additions it’s more relevant now than ever. In a culture that screams MORE, more doesn’t always equate to happiness. It’s a good read. 

How have you handled doubts about staying in the “business”?

It’s an interesting thing, this music business. Then throw Faith into the mix and you’re blending Faith, Art and Business into the same pot. I’ve seen it tear some good artists up.
For me, I’d rather take the challenge of battling upstream when it comes to the business side, than run from it. How else can we grow? Plus the lessons I’ve learned while being involved in this business industry, they permeate to the other areas of my life. 

What do you think are some of the dangers for artists/musicians/authors today?

One danger I see is plagiarism. Sometimes the temptation to create quickly, leads to unimaginative and generic content. I believe the best content on the planet is God inspired! And although time is limited for each of us, I’d rather see something incredible from someone once, than something dull a dozen times. 

What word of advice would you offer to young adults today? 

Dream and reach for those dreams. Don’t settle for a mundane, programmed by the book lifestyle. Life is chock full of possibilities. 
Think for yourself. 
Seek God. 
Find Him and what He is doing. 
Join Him.
Seek happiness, not wealth.

Do you have a favorite verse/passage of scripture?

I love Jesus and what he stood for. He came to get closer to us, and tear down the systems and walls we put that divided us from God. 
He encompasses Grace and Love. 
Last year I had the privilege of reading through the Bible chronologically for the first time. It’s absolutely fascinating. The historical accounts alone are priceless. But the divine nature of it, the whole thing pointing to this coming of Jesus, Emmanuel, God With Us – it’s World Changing. It’s life changing. 
When Jesus broke down the systems of religion and said, here’s what it’s all about. 
“Love the Lord your God, with all your heart, all your strength and all your mind. And Love your neighbor as yourself.”
Those to me are words I can strive to live by. 

What do you know now that you wish you knew ten years ago?

Absolutely nothing. Is that bad? What I mean is, I love each decade and each season of life and the secrets each season unlocks. I don’t want to “know it all”, no way. I loved being a kid, I loved figuring my identity out through my teens and loved growing closer to God in my twenties. As I look ahead, I know there’s so much more adventure to anticipate. 
One thing I’ve always loved, is knowing how close God is. Although I don’t always take Him up on His offer, He’s always only a walk away. I could always go on a walk with Him and chat. About my troubles, about my joys. And that brings a lot of peace looking ahead. 
Special thanks to Daniel Biro for taking the time to answer my questions!
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