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Tuneful Tuesday takes a surprising turn


Someone texted me a link to a song today.


Now that might not seem extraordinary except that this person has NEVER texted me before. I’m also pretty sure that she has never heard of my Tuneful Tuesday or read my blog. Plus I hadn’t mentioned to anyone (except God) that I had no idea what song I should feature in my post.


Could this be a coincidence? Or might it be an answer to my Dear-God-what-song-should-I- write-about prayer.



Yesterday (Letting Go) I mentioned how I have been trying NOT to think of the various things that come into my life as coincidences or luck, but rather as God’s sovereign hand leading people and events to help me along my merry way. It’s a different way to live. An expectant way. Imagine getting a flat tire and seeing it as an opportunity of some sort or getting a hug and thinking of it as God’s arms being wrapped around you.


I know people get weird about this stuff. They start to come to conclusions that are far-fetched and off the wall like the ding on their phone being a sign that we’ll play golf in heaven or oversleeping for a job interview being God’s career path for them. But sometimes it’s just a ding, and sometimes your laziness makes your pathway harder.


thCAOP6XFTSo how do you tell the difference?


I’m not sure about that one. But I’m starting to think that discerning God’s hand at work in my life depends on me knowing him, knowing what he says (the Bible), and praying. A lot. Not that God doesn’t reach out to people who aren’t doing those things. His grace is big and his reach is far. I just think that before I go interpreting phone dings, I need to be standing on a solid foundation.



A few years ago when I was in my pit of despair, I called out to God asking him for an answer to my broken heart. I had been hiding, lying, and blaming, and I was miserable. The “answer” I thought I got led me to lie more, hide more, and blame more. I know what you’re thinking. That just doesn’t sound right. Nope. And it wasn’t.


God’s answer will never be contrary to his word.


So maybe one solid test is to check it with the Bible. He is the way, the truth, and the life. Anything that pulls me away from him, causes me to lie, and keeps me from being who I am is NOT from God. (Coincidentally, God helped me out of all of that despite my misdirection.)


I’m not talking about looking backward, though. I’m talking about looking forward, expecting that God’s got a purpose. He has a plan, and I should trust him.


So maybe I’m off the wall, but today’s song came from a random text, and it’s from a band I’ve never heard of, and I’m just guessing that God has some purpose for me posting it today, but here goes…


Happy Tuneful Tuesday!



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