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Today’s special edition post is extra special! It comes from my friend and fellow writer, Tammy Van Gils. Tammy inspires me, challenges me, and helps me be a better writer (and person). She has an inspiring life story, and she writes insightful fiction that makes you think while wrapping you up in the lives of her characters and showing you hope. Thank you, Tammy for being my friend! It’s good not to be alone!

Insights from a Writer

by Tammy Van Gils

The morning started with me feeling like a combination of the Lone Ranger, Pig Pen from Charlie Brown, and Eeyore.


Well, this writing thing’s done alone. So the results of every post feel like a direct result of our effort. We launch a blog post with incredible hope of it spreading like the common cold. And then it barely budges. The Lone Ranger.

And Pig Pen has this close connection to dirt. Lots of writers have a close connection to the dirt of self-doubt. About what you ask? Lacking skills. Writing about a relevant subject. Or if our posts are reaching anyone at all.

eyeoreThe whiny, woe-is-me attitude of Eeyore is the constant voice in my brain. Why don’t people share my post? Why aren’t folks subscribing to my blog? And no comments…again. Now read that again and whine, drawing out each word in a southern Alabama accent. Yep, that’s Eeyore in my head.

Then I had lunch with my dear writer friend, Mary Beth. We can almost finish each other sentences about our struggles as writers. And then the epiphany hit–Guess what? I’m not the Lone Ranger after all. There are lots of peas in the struggling writer pod. It saddens me that others are struggling, but I confess it does make me feel more normal and less like the Lone Ranger, Pig Pen and Eeyore.

Now if you’ve read this far, you may be asking how you can possibly help a struggling writer.

Pray for one another WriterHere’s how:

  • Read – Read our blog post. Okay, we get it. There are probably a million posts every day so we understand if you don’t have the time to read every one, but if you can read one or two a month, that would be super.
  • Share – Share our post on social media if you like it. That’s gives us a chance to impact more lives, gain exposure out there in the writing world, and maybe add a few subscribers.
  • Subscribe – Subscribe to our blogs if you find our posts relevant. These days, publishers are all about quality writing, but also our social media and blog subscriber numbers. Without a following or a platform, there is little hope of finding a publisher.
  • Comment – And may I be so bold as to ask? Leave a comment. Either on our blog or social media. Short and sweet is fine. Just an acknowledgement that our post hit the target is huge to us.
  • Contact – Email, message or contact us if you have suggestions on blog topics or how we can be more effective as a writer. Believe me; writers who consistently take the time to blog and are building a platform have a heart to reach readers with relevant words. And after, we shake Pig Pen’s self-doubt dirt and quiet the Eeyore voice; we will grow and be a better writer.
  • Pray – And lift us up in your prayers. I know many writers who pray for their readers. Who can’t use a little extra prayer?

Writers need readers like peanut butter needs jelly. I’m grateful you shared your valuable time.

Signing off with greetings from the Lone Ranger, Pig Pen and Eeyore.



Tammy Van GilsTammy Van Gils is a writer, blogger, and small business owner. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Word Weavers International. In the Richmond area, she is a member of The Christian Writers Hub and Word Weavers Richmond. Visit her Facebook Page,Pinterest and Twitter @Tammyvangils.

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Tammy Van Gils
Tammy Van Gils
6 years ago

Thanks for the opportunity to share our struggles as writers. Having kind-minded friends who truly understand, encourages me on the journey. You are a blessing to me!

April White
April White
6 years ago

Floating in the pond with you! Pass the sunscreen and Diet Coke.


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