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I read an article today about Joseph Rojas. He’s the front man for the band Seventh Day Slumber. God rescued him from death’s door after he had tried to kill himself by overdosing on cocaine. Rojas described experiencing the consuming presence of God in the back of an ambulance as they wheeled him off to the hospital. He recovered, sobered up, and went on to start a contemporary Christian band and share his story with thousands of people.



Sometimes I forget about the outrageousness of God.


My world gets so little, and I don’t expect much. I’m happy to just have a good day, keep my family well, and spend time praying for my friends. Days go by, and I forget God’s magnificence.


Maybe that sounds terrible, but I don’t think I’m alone here. I bet a lot of people go through the motions and don’t look for much more.




That’s the word I chose to encapsulate 2014 for me. But so far I haven’t done that great with my expectancy. I haven’t been looking for miracles, praying boldly, or taking any risks. Instead, I’ve been playing it safe and discounting the power of God.


The power of God that takes things that are not and makes something from them.

That takes broken lives and puts them back together with the glue of his holy spirit.

That takes broken marriages and heals misused hearts.


He makes beautiful things.


I think it would be cool to hear some of the beautiful things he’s done for you. Would you be willing to share?


When I read Rojas’ story, I was reminded of how long it’s been since I’ve heard someone’s testimony or heard anyone (besides the pastor) share what God’s been doing in their life. Maybe I’m not hanging with the right crowd or maybe I just haven’t been listening very well, but reading about Rojas’ experience helped me a little today. It’s like that “great cloud of witnesses” in Hebrews 11. When we hear other people’s stories it gives us hope and feeds our faith.


I’m starving to hear your story.


What thing in your life has God taken and made beautiful?


Now maybe you thought the Seventh Day Slumber song above was the pick for Tuneful Tuesday, but that would not be the case. That one’s just an extra bonus. Today’s post was a combination of hearing Michael Gungor’s song Beautiful Things, reading the CMSpin article on Rojas, and me being a little down and hoping God would send me some light..


Blessings and beautiful things!


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