YOU CAN WIN – Solve the Challenges!

There’s still one book to be given away!

Give it a try. Read through the challenges, figure out how challenges 1-9 work together and finish out with challenge 10! You’ll win a copy of my latest novel For the Good of All.


And the winners are!

Grand Prize: David 

1st Place: Niki 

2nd Place: Micki 

3rd Place: Katie 

Honorable Mention: Regina 

Honorable Mention: Teresa 

Honorable Mention: (This could be you!)


The challenges are listed below if you want to give a try!

Are you ready for some fun and games?! I’m so excited to share the release of my latest novel with you. For the Good of All follows three characters as they discover who they are and who they’re meant to be.

  • One is a successful guide with his eye on the good life.

  • Another can’t move beyond her mistakes and pain to live her life.

  • And the main character is a girl who’s never been able to be herself because showing people who she really is would probably end her life.

Toward the beginning of the novel, one of the characters, Owen, must figure out who to eliminate from his team. To distinguish the best from the rest, he gives the plebes various challenges– brain teasers, escape games, etc.

We won’t be locked up in a room or even graded on our answers, but we will have tons of fun!  Are you ready for some challenges!

Challenge #1

There are 10 cookies on a plate.

I left the plate on the counter.

Cameron, my husband, helped me clean up my baking supplies.

My two dogs were no help at all.

I got a text from a friend.

After I responded to the text, I noticed the plate of cookies.

Now, there were only 9 cookies on the plate.

What happened to 10th cookie?



Challenge #2

What the miser spends and the spendthrift saves, and all men carry to their graves.

Challenge #3

The words To and For can be easily confused at times. To is generally used with a verb, and For is used with a noun.

Which is the correct one to use in this sentence?

Bob and Linda came ____ the results of the medical test.

Challenge #4

This one-word phrase originated in Scotland. Scottish golfers would shout it to warn others in the proximity of the trajectory of the ball.

Challenge #5

According to Three Dog Night, this is the loneliest number.


Challenge #6

According to Miley, making her love him was this…



Challenge #7

It is a word in the title of my novel.

Challenge #8

Step 1: Think of a number.

Step 2: Multiply that number by 3.

Step 3: Add 6 to your answer.

Step 4: Divide your new answer by 3.

Step 5: Subtract the original number (from Step 1) from your answer in Step 4.

Step 6: The answer is the answer to tonight’s Challenge!


Challenge #9

This is the smallest possible integer requiring five syllables.


Challenge #10

A guideline is only as good

as the person who made it.


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