Posted by on February 7, 2014

(I’ve decided to join the Five Minute Friday Fun. No worries to all of you who are awaiting Foto Friday. I will publish that later on today. For now, here’s my entry for the prompt Write written in five minutes and not edited. If you want to play, check out Lisa Jo Baker’s website for more information!)




Mindy paused not sure how to respond.

The lady held up a pen and nodded her head. Her perfect makeup and shiny, had-to-be colored hair topped off a very serious face.  “Write. It’s not rocket science. Write.” She said it again.

Mindy blinked back tears. The pounding in her chest had to be the precursor to a heart attack. Nothing came to her mind except the one question she’d asked herself over and over for the past four months. “Why?”

The old pro picked up the conversation quickly and took off. “Exactly! Why are you writing? You figure that out, and you’ll be fine. You’re floundering and wondering and waiting for someone else to tell you what to do, but honey, you’re going to need to figure that out for yourself. No one can tell you the answer to that question. We can only help you with the How, not the Why.”

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Niki Christiansen
9 years ago

I am so excited you are a part of FMF!!! Fun! Fun!

And as ever the storyteller you are, you whip out a 5-minute story to speak the truth of not only writing but all of living – to discover and embrace the why!

i sure love you! 🙂


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