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angerFeelings are our friends.

Well, it doesn’t quite “feel” that way, but maybe. Right now I’m not so happy with my feelings. Today they’ve caused my stomach to get knotted up, made it hard for me to eat my lunch, and really harshed my mellow.

I had a “confrontation.”

Now, there was a day when any sort of confrontation would spurt tears to my eyes and leave me in a puddle. Today was not that kind of day. Today I just got angry.

Anger = feeling = ugh.

I can be pretty good at being a wall and emotionally removed, but the more I grow and learn and live, the more that kind of disconnect just doesn’t appeal to me. However, that leaves me wanting to throttle someone, stand on my chair, and remind the people of the world that they don’t define me. I’m Norma Rae. Oh, sorry kiddos…I’m Katniss kissing her fingers and holding them up to the camera.

And all of that because of those blasted feelings.

Is this what Paul meant when he talked about beating his body and making it his slave? (1 Corinthians 9:27)

I read somewhere recently that our feelings are like those little lights on a dashboard. They help us realize when something’s not right. And just like those lights on the dashboard, wishing they’d go away doesn’t make it so. Something needs to happen.

For me that was leaving the room and driving around and having a nice long chat with my very best friend (thank you Cambo). A lot of times I write (thank you blog readers—please note this is the HIGHLY edited version of what I wrote today)–writing helps. And I’m pretty sure prayer is always helpful, although it’s often the last recourse I come to when I’m angry.

Now that I’m a little calmer, I’m pretty sure I could have handled my little situation tons better, if my feelings hadn’t been involved. Of course, where would the fun in that be? I would be writing another blog post about goals and probably be ready for my nap right about now. But instead, I’m a step closer to understanding anger, controlling it, and leading the factory in a revolt (poor children in Panem through the hunger games).

How ‘bout you? Got any tips on how to handle your feelings instead of letting your feelings handle you?


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