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mailMy email account said I had 999+ emails in my mailbox.

Below I’ve listed the top ten reasons I had an email box bursting at the seams.

(Try not to judge.)

Your reasons may be different, but make no mistake, if you have more than 50 emails waiting on you, you may have a problem.

Take some time to evaluate why you haven’t opened your mail and then take the challenge to free up your cyberspace and take control of your time.

Here are the Top Ten Reasons I had 999+ emails in my mailbox:

10. The settings on my computer were lost when my hard drive crashed, so my stored password got wiped out, and since I failed to answer the crazy security question correctly (“On what day did you lose your first tooth?”), I had to jump through eight different hoops to get my password reset. Meanwhile, the emails just kept on a coming.

9.  I have convinced myself that I will go back and read through all of those advertisements I’ve been getting and print off all of those coupons.

8.  One day I will have plenty of time to read each and every one of the 32 blogs I’m subscribing to. Until then, I will keep them in my inbox, waiting.

7.  I have every single social media site feeding into one email account.

6.  The whole filing system for email seems impersonal, and I refuse to use those silly folders.

5.  Subscriptions to three writing group feeds which keep me up-to-date on thousands of members writing woes.

4.  It would take about fifteen minutes for me to un-subscribe from all of the employer job search websites from which I’ve requested information.

3.  I feel bad deleting someone’s email without actually reading it, and I don’t have time to read it right now. I’ll get to it later….

2.  Groupon.

1.  Having an empty email box makes me a little sad.

After some therapy, an intervention, and about an hour and a half worth of concentrated effort, I now only have 22 emails in my mailbox, a folder for each of my favorite blogs, and the joy that comes from some electronic purging.

Let me encourage you to cut through the mire and clean out your mailbox today!  You wouldn’t want all of that stuff sitting on your counter at home, so don’t leave it sitting in no-man’s land on the web. I know it sounds silly, but seeing that low number whenever I open my mail makes me feel just a little more in control of my little world. Real life happens beyond the screen, so take whatever measures you need to not be tied down to a keyboard, an inbox, or a bunch of people who only know your “cooltoobe@gmail”  name. 

Freedom awaits you!


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