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Email invitation to MB Dahl to teachOpportunity knocked on my door, I answered, and it kicked my butt.  

Almost a year ago, I got an email about a job opportunity. I don’t usually pay those kinds of emails/requests much attention. I like my current job. And if I ever do move, I hope it will be to write full-time as a novelist.

But this opportunity was different.

The Impossible became Plausible

They asked if I’d like to teach an online course. Someone had recommended me as a potential instructor for an educational website that offers online courses to homeschoolers and others wanting to learn and grow.  It piqued my interest.

Working as an acquisitions editor for a small press had blessed me with some great interactions, and I thought I might have something to share, so I replied to their email. The company’s requirements to qualify as an instructor were stringent, but after reviewing my credentials, they sent me a contract and a deadline.

Speaking at VA Baptist Music Camp - Camp PastorI was excited and scared. I’ve taught Sunday school, directed musicals, and even spoken at events with several hundred attendees, but this was different. This wasn’t a twenty-minute speech. It was at least 30 twenty-minute speeches, lesson plans, worksheets, parent’s notes. The works.

After selecting my topic, Intro to Novel Writing, I threw together a few outlines and set aside a Saturday to film all the videos. Call me silly Padawan for I had much to learn. 

Failing -The Reality of the Impossible

The necessity of a solid lesson plan, research, and preparation became painfully apparent to me on that Saturday. Not to mention, I desperately needed to master speaking in front of a camera without connecting my thoughts with a billion “um’s”.

I left my little filming studio dejected and sure I was going to fail. I’d agreed to do the impossible. You know all my talk about being a warrior, not giving up, and doing the hard things … well, I didn’t follow any of that. Every day (for nearly five months), I wanted to quit. I cried. Whined. Procrastinated, and gave up. 

But then the next day would come, and I would tell myself to just do what I could and keep inching forward. My goal was just to finish. I didn’t expect they would publish it, but I thought if I could finish, that would be something.


Intro to Novel Writing - Lernsys.comDiscoveries in the Impossible

In the midst of this trial, I discovered two things:

  • I learned something about myself. I want to help people get their stories out. Whether it’s through teaching, speaking, praying, or writing. Everyone has a story to tell, and I want to help with that. This awareness motivated me to finish the race.


  • The other gem I learned is that we are made to do impossible things. God has more than we could ask or imagine in store for us, but I dare say, we often dismiss our potential growth and blessings because we think it’s impossible. God brought me that opportunity. He lifted me up when I fell and pushed me when I stopped. And I did an impossible thing.


My Intro to Novel Writing course was published by at the end of February, and it stands as a testament to how God calls the messed up and broken out of the lie that has them failing before they ever try.

We have been created to do the impossible. What impossible thing is calling your name right now?

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Josie Siler
5 years ago

I love this! Thank you for sharing with us. It encourages me to keep working toward my own impossible. I’ve started writing my book and I’m in way over my head. Yet I know this is what God wants me to be doing right now so I press on. Thank you for the encouragement!

Cathy justice
Cathy justice
5 years ago

Mary Beth,
What a great testament to how God develops us and uses our abilities to encourage and educate others.
I needed to read this tonight!
Thank you for your words.
Cathy Justice

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