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Businessman Wearing Cape


There’s really no excuse.


I mean I’m still looking for one. But I just haven’t found it yet. Not that I don’t want to help and be useful and make a difference, but I kind of have my own picture of exactly how that’s supposed to play out.


You know, costly, but not hitting my savings.


Hard work, but not on the weekends.


Kind of difficult, but still easy.


That doesn’t really seem like how it’s going to go, though.


I was thinking the other day about Christians who are being martyred, and I couldn’t help but be cautiously grateful that I live in a country where my life isn’t at stake when I write a blog post or stand up to speak to a group, and then a thought hit me.


“From everyone who has been given much. Much will be demanded.” Luke 12:48


I’ve been given freedom and a comfortable lifestyle and good health, so what am I doing with it?


I used to think that writing was it. That’s my skill set. That’s what I can do. That’s how I will serve, but now I’m starting to wonder if maybe there isn’t more that I can do. There’s got to be something else. Right?


It’s a gross negligence of my great good fortune for me to NOT help as many as I can. But how?


Now, I can analyze this all day long and think and ponder and walk right by you sleeping on that park bench. Cause I’m not called to help scary looking men or people who could make me sick. But maybe I need to think about that more.


So I keep on thinking and wondering and waiting for divine guidance as to how else I can serve, when maybe the answer isn’t going to be found in me doing nothing, but perhaps the answer will be found when I start doing something.


Check out Matthew West’s song for Tuneful Tuesday! (But only if you don’t mind your conscience being pricked a little bit.)


Do Something

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