Posted by on March 31, 2013

Sunrise at Yumigahama BeachI know what it sounds like.

I know how ridiculous it sounds to someone who’s seen the world one way all of  their life or who’s experienced first hand how poorly we sometimes handle this news.

It’s crazy. A fairy tale. A crutch. A tradition. It’s a metaphor, not reality.

But the truth is, it’s what I believe.

Don’t think I haven’t thought through all those questions.

Of course, I’ve thought about it. I’ve questioned it. I’ve looked at it from different angles. I’ve wondered, and cried, and felt lost at times. I know how crazy it sounds to believe that God became a man, that he lived a perfect life among us, that he was not just a good man or a mere prophet, but that he was God incarnate. I know that it seems impossible for someone who has died to come back to life. I’ve never seen it with my own eyes. I’ve never met anyone who’s seen it happen, and yet with every fiber of my being I believe it did happen. I believe he came, he lived, he died, and he came back to life. Jesus.

So call me crazy. A complete lunatic.

I have felt the love of God reach so clearly into my life and pull me from a place that nobody else could. I know he is real. 

I have heard others’ stories about his love changing their lives.

I have seen good come from bad, hope grow out of darkness, and love disarm hatred.

I believe that there is no way those disciples could have lied about what they saw and kept that lie as they were tortured and beaten and martyred. 

I believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The God who started all of this, and who isn’t finished yet. 

And I think it’s a far greater stretch from reality to look at the Bible, to look at love, to look at life, and say there is no God.

So don’t think it escapes me, as I celebrate his resurrection today, that this is all a little bit crazy to the rest of the world (or at least to North America). But that’s okay.  

His love for me and you is a little bit crazy. The lengths he went to for us can’t really be understood. Why he would even bother with people who are so determined to prove he doesn’t exist, I’ll never understand. 

But I will be thankful, and I’ll dare to believe that there is a love that is so wild everyone else will call it crazy. 


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Sara Marie Allen
11 years ago

I love this! You’re right on. Sometimes it does feel crazy, and yet it’s so real. You lifted my soul today:) Happy Easter!

Niki Christiansen
11 years ago

“The God who started all of this, and who isn’t finished yet.”
I love this line!!!
He is not finished yet and for that I couldn’t be more thankful!
Love your words and I love you!

Happy Easter, friend!


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