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Just one of the many verses in the New Testament putting a lid on death!

– Life, Faith, Love, and the best is yet to come!

I’ve been thinking about life lately. Well, maybe that’s not accurate. It’s actually death I’ve been taking sideways glances at. 

Death. It’s right there, and yet we hardly talk about it.

No wonder.

For a lot of people. it’s a bunch of nothingness. The end. Nothing more. Who wants to talk about that? It’s a very short conversation.

And then there’s the flip side that says there’s more to come after we take our last breath, but nobody can really give you details about what that “more” is like. 

I recently listened to a renowned atheist explain why it’s great to believe in nothing after death. He said it allows you to focus more on the here and now. He then went on to explain how his belief is full of hope and life. I just didn’t get it.

I get the arguments. We’re all part of some cosmic lucky spin and we should be grateful and recognize our finite space in the continuum of life, but really?


Do these people really think their life is nothing? That in the grand scheme no one really matters, except for maybe a handful who advance our species with medicine, technology, or discovery.

I think it takes a lot of faith to believe in nothing.

Perhaps more than it takes me to believe in God and that he has a plan for us and that this life is not the end.

I actually at least have a well-corroborated book, thousands of years old, that outlines, in detail, a loving God who has eternal plans for people.

And then there’s Jesus. I know I can’t prove he came back to life, but there certainly is a lot of evidence to support it. I think it’s highly unlikely 11 men would give their lives to spread a lie.

Beyond that, there’s God’s work in my own life, his leading, his guidance. And yes, I know, if there is a God that big why in the world would he care about little ole me, and I don’t have an answer for that, except he does, and that’s all on him.

So I’ve been thinking a lot about death, pondering, trying not to be scared of it. Wondering why God didn’t show us exactly what comes next, and then I remember Jesus and how many verses there are about eternity, and I feel silly for questioning it all.

eternityMaybe he hasn’t shown us exactly what it’s like because we couldn’t comprehend it.

We have not words to describe,

experiences to reference,

concepts to explain

all of the incredible wonders and love awaiting those who have trusted God, taken him at his word, and obeyed.

And maybe on the other side, our string theory, quantum physics, and Fibonacci sequencing will finally all click perfectly into place and be framed by faith, love, and hope.

I don’t know, but I do believe.



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