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Dear Texting Buddy,

Words, words, words! I love ‘em, and I especially love to get mail. Every little text is like a letter…or should be like a letter. You don’t have to put “dear” on there or anything. You can just ask me the question or tell me what you want me to know. I guess it’s a little impersonal. I mean when we used to talk on the phone, we’d spend five minutes with the “hi, how are you” comments, but now we can skip all of that, and I don’t really have to hear about how you’re doing. That really works well if I’m busy and just need to know what time the show starts.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t care.


I actually like getting the play-by-play of your day. “I’m bored.” “I’m sleepy.” Keep ’em coming! I am totally interested in that sort of stuff, and the children don’t mind me making them wait for help while I check my phone. And now that I have unlimited texting, I don’t mind the “k” and “l8r” texts either. They’re much less annoying now that I’m not paying 25 cents for each one.


There are a few guidelines I think we need to make clear, though. Sometimes it’s just better to make the phone call. For instance, the other day when we were trying to work out where to go for lunch, it may have been faster to actually talk about it rather than taking 30 minutes worth of texts to work it out. Sure, I was able to stay in my Sunday school class, but I think I was really starting to annoy the teacher. Maybe I could’ve handled that differently. . .


Also, I don’t think we should do our little therapy sessions via texts. I accidentally sent that whole thing about me not wanting to go to Lisa’s party to Lisa cause she texted me last and I forgot to scroll down to your text when I replied to you.


And one last thing, when I’m driving I can’t text you. I can’t because I’ve started putting my cell phone in my purse on the backseat (so I won’t be tempted to peek). It’s just not safe, not even at the stoplight. You know how sensitive I am, and every time someone honks at me because I didn’t notice the light changing, it makes me want to cry. I’m sure they wouldn’t understand me side swiping them cause I was trying to read about how bored you are.


Okay, I guess that’s it. I suppose I could have sent this all in a text, but those little keys make my fingers cramp up.



Mary Beth

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