Posted by on May 14, 2013

MP900148964Thank you for being here. Though I sit in a room alone most of the day, it’s sitting here, alone with you, that breathes life back into me.

All the chatter from today, the bad, the good, it’s silenced now, and there’s just you and the cool night air, and a few brave frogs chirping about something.

Sitting still. Being Quiet, Right now those seem like very good qualities. 

I don’t like being busy and loud, and that’s how the days seem to go. I am rather fond of the sun, but a still and quiet night brings its own kind of warmth and light. 

You help me think through my day. Reflect on stuff I left undone, on the words I said, and failed to say. You remind me of my lists and goals and tomorrow’s challenges. And you slow me down.

And in this still and quiet place, I find that I am not alone. The world, though angry and mean at times, is not so scary or out of hand.

In the quiet of the night, a gentle prompting creeps close drawing me to God. He knew about this day. It did not surprise him. And he can use it. 

Through the stillness of this twilight, as life lulls itself toward slumber, a humble urgency fills my heart. A time for action plants its seed. I can not stay and sit for long. Tomorrow races toward us with its own kind of fury.

How grateful I am for these moments here with you. Sweet like sleep, deep like my dreams, you’ve refreshed my heart, resounded my soul with praise, and reminded me of my great and glorious smallness in the mighty, marvelous hand of God.

Thank you Still and Quiet Night. I needed you.


Mary Beth

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Cathy Baker
11 years ago

Mary, I too am a fan of the quiet and still night. I consider them gifts from God, wrapped in a silvery moon.

Blessings to you, my friend.


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