Posted by on December 11, 2012

Dear Double-Ugh Day,

Have you heard that it’s Christmastime? You know, decorations, lights, hope, peace, joy and love! You’re really messing that up for me. It seems like I’m the only one you’ve decided to terrorize, and I’m seriously tired of being glum.

I read an article about being down and feeling like an outsider, and it didn’t paint a pretty picture. Of course, at the heart of it was the truth that we all have value, and that I don’t have to be an outsider. But I often feel like that weird person on the edge of things. Are there actually other people out there who feel down, lack confidence, or who wonder if they really matter? If there are, then maybe we should all get together, throw a party, and not invite Mr. Double-Ugh Day.

As a Christian, I actually feel doubly worse because I have a relationship with the God of the universe. That should make a HUGE difference. What do I have to be down about? But I do have gray days and don’t always have a “halleluia” on my lips. So now, I’m not only feeling down, but I’m feeling guilty for feeling down. That’s a double-ugh.

There’s no crime against feeling down though. Feelings are feelings, and they serve us somehow. I don’t have that figured out. But I do know that sometimes I feel glum. And maybe it’s not terrible to feel glum. Just like it’s not terrible to be angry. It’s what you do with your glumness that can be problematic.

So I’m making a decision about you, Double-Ugh. I’m going to learn something today, and even if what I learn means I might have to work a little harder somewhere, I’m going to count it as a victory over you. You will not control my life.


PS. I don’t think a person has to have a relationship with Jesus to overcome their blues. Certainly lots of people have conquered those feelings and moved on, but I am thankful for my relationship with God. He helps me keep things in perspective, and brings peace into my world of warring emotions. There may be plenty of different ways to work through glumness, but there’s only one way to find everlasting joy. God’s not a crutch, not an excuse. He’s the one who loves me completely. He’s the one who  gives me a new life, complete and abundant, and one day, there will be no more double-ugh days.

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