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Sad Teenage GirlSometimes things aren’t what they seem. Sometimes the person standing off to the side wants desperately to be included, and sometimes the class clown would like to NOT have to make anyone smile. And sometimes when someone says they’re fine, they’re really not. They’re really hurting inside, but they can’t be honest.

One of the points in the sermon today was about being honest, letting other people see the real you. Our pastor hit the point home with this obvious, but often overlooked truth, “If you don’t let them see who you really are, then you’ll never really know if they love you.”

That mostly smacks the “fine” person upside the head, but it’s really a 50/50 dynamic, isn’t it?

I mean, we’ve got to be good listeners, ask questions, and actually think about what the other person is saying, and the other person needs to tell the truth. I don’t mean to simplify it all too much. Relationships aren’t easy. Being real isn’t always a breath of fresh air (especially when I’m mopey). But I’m starting to see that we will never completely be who we are meant to be, if we don’t first start with who we are.

God loves us completely.

By Him, we are completely known.

There’s no “I’m fine” with him. He sees behind our silence.

And I think he keeps us company there.

But, like usual, He wants you and me to go behind the silence too.

To be honest.

And to let others see.

He knows not everyone will embrace us. There will be some who shake their heads and walk away. A few might even try to knock us down, but he knows that when all is said and done, it is only the honestly lived life that can experience the fullness of love.

My prayer for you today is that you know you are loved, just the way you are.

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11 years ago

Excellent post. Thanks for you insights, prayers and challenges

David Anderson
David Anderson
11 years ago

You have open a large box of memories. Yes, we do shut the hurts out Thanks for sharing!


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