Spring 1


A little bit about me . . .

Wife, mother, child

I love God, my family, my friends, and writing.

Novels, blog posts, plays, short stories, devotionals.

When I find a book I like, I usually read it over and over and over.

Dancing seems like the absolute BEST sport/exercise.

Practical jokes make me laugh AND cause me to worry just a little.

Being outside on any given day beats everything on TV.

Friendship wraps itself around life and helps it stand when the storm hits, but it’s God who brings out the sun and fills a life with love. 

Real love does the right thing even though it hurts. Real love is commitment to another’s spiritual growth. Real love lasts.

The best thing about being messed up and broken is discovering love and forgiveness.

I’ve been lifted out of the pit.

I’ve lacked in faithfulness, strength, and hope.

I’ve found that the best things in life aren’t about me.

So, let’s get off this page and move on to other things!


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