A messenger of the Leader, Altrist is no boy.


People who know him see his ancient heart and how he answers only to what the Leader asks, but to everyone else he looks like a rebellious little one who won’t conform.

With a new mission driving him, Altrist leaves the Outcasts to find the girl who can open the Balustrade and help them escape. Nothing goes quite as planned, though, and he finds himself face to face with the Leader’s adversary and hand in hand with his own darkness.

Altrist finds that great power isn’t about who you can subdue, but instead is found in obedience under duress. He fights a battle that isn’t his and finds true power residing in obedience, not in might.


“I know about you, about all of this,” he recalled her question, “because you were foretold. I never knew your name, or even what you look like.” A gentle smile replaced his grim expression. “There aren’t many like me, just one other inside the wall. But we’ve all been told about you, about how you can see things, how the destroyer will try to take away your gift and fail, about what you can do, and how you are the one who can open the Balustrade.”

~ Altrist, Through the Balustrade


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