slow mailI’m not sure if it’s been proven, but typically Tuesday’s are slow mail days. Why? The theory is that no one’s sending much of anything on Saturday, so Tuesday tends to be low on the delivery side of the mail world.

To spice things up on Tuesday, I’ve written some special letters to some special people/things/ideas, etc. Sometimes the letters are just something I needed to get off my chest, and sometimes they hold thoughts that I’ve left unsaid for too long.

Maybe you have some of the same feelings about these people/things/ideas, etc. Check the letters out, and let me know!

Dear Great Big Unknown,

Dear In-the-Way Person

Dear Blahs

Dear Bad Weather Forecast

Dear Man-with-Hot-Tea

Dear Pride

Dear Deadline

Dear Site Stats

Dear Vanna-the-White

Dear Fear

Dear Reader

Dear Prospective Job

Dear New Year

Dear Double-Ugh Day

Dear Unfluffed Christmas Tree

Dear Texting Buddy

Dear New Friend

Dear Bucket List

Dear Fall Leaves

Dear Campaign Ads


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