Quotes, QuestionsOut of all my posts, this category is the one that gets the most hits from search engines. You know why that is? It’s not because of the alliteration. And it’s not because I have any quotes of my own, or answers, or genius to share.

It’s because there are a bunch of poor kids surfing the internet feverishly looking for help with their math homework. 

If I actually had the time, I’d research and write an essay so all these students who are desperate for a way to understand that blasted formula would have something useful. Every time I see that someone searched for the Quadratic Formula and ended up with me, I feel like I should issue a public apology.

This website really has NOTHING to do with math.

I put Quadratic Formula in my category title because … well…. because it starts with a “Q”, and it stands for something that I can’t entirely get my head around. . .like the quotes and questions I bring up in here.

I have tried to write a few of these posts on math, but I can only do so much without giving myself a headache.

Anyway, these are fascinating quotes, unanswerable questions, and things we’d like to understand, but just can’t quite figure out.

Writer’s Tag Asks the Questions

Love is not a Victory Cry

Math and the Irrational

When to Speak, When to Stay Silent


Sick of Love

League of Friendship

Stay the Course


A High-Five Friend

As You Love Yourself

Figuring Out Why

“You’re My Linus”

Taking Another Look

Happy Birthday C. S. Lewis

How can you be thankful when you’re blah?

The Quadratic Quandary

If You Knew You Wouldn’t Fail, What Would You Try?

From The Help to One Direction


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