Maple Trees over Lake in AutumnHello fellow traveler,


The journey is underway, and although the directions may not be super clear, we have a Leader who will equip and guide us.


You are now at a place where you can be reminded that this is not as good as it gets.


That there is more.


So whether you’re not yet a plebe or you can’t remember your raising home, these posts are for you.


A beacon of love to remind you that you are not alone.


There are other people hurting, confused, lonely, and unsure of what’s coming next.


You are not alone.


There are people who’ve gone ahead of you and who know what hope looks like and how to hold on to it.


Don’t lose heart, new friend. There is more to life. Because for every messed up and broken moment, the reality of love and forgiveness waits.


(NOTE:   For a list of various posts, click on the links below!)



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