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Hi Friends,

I’m trying some new things with my newsletter/blog. Don’t worry! I won’t flood your inbox or anything. I just want to do a better job of staying in touch and encouraging you!

My goal over the last few years has been to email you once a month with a message of hope usually based on something I’m learning. I still want to do that, but I also want to give you more, so look for some changes in my content in the coming months. I hope to bless your socks off!

For now, I want to share a few things with you, so keep reading, and I’ll have something special for you at the bottom!

What I’m Working On

The Silver Rim Series
If you’ve seen my last few newsletters, you know I’ve been struggling to get Book 2 of the Silver Rim down on paper. With lots of prayer and perseverance, I’m making strides with the book. My goal is to have a solid beta-reader-ready draft by mid-October. I’ll keep you posted. And if you’re interested in being a beta reader, let me know! Reply back to this email, and I’ll be in touch!

Scripts, scripts, and more scripts
I continue to freelance on Fiverr, and this month I have several scripts due. The script I’m working on now is for a school in Hong Kong. It’s supposed to be about growth mindset. I had to research what growth mindset is, and it’s been super interesting and completely applicable to my life. I think I’ve been writing about growth mindset all along and just never knew it. (Check out my Cheese blog and Fighting Comparisons.)

Changing a Mind

The opposite of a growth mindset is a fixed mindset. Fixed minds don’t try new things. They fear being embarrassed and looking stupid. They give up, don’t listen, and always want what someone else has. I struggle not to be in that place. I battle with my own thoughts and ingrained habits. Romans 12:2 says, “… be transformed by the renewing of your mind…” and the rest of the chapter talks about living an authentic life. We should not fear being ourselves, and we should not settle either. I settle every time I tell myself I can’t do it. We were created to embrace the challenges before us, to persevere, to work hard, to listen and learn, and to celebrate one another’s victories. I think a growth mindset leads us toward the extraordinary. What do you think? Do you have any tips for how to have a growth mindset? Here’s a link to a fascinating article I found: Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset

Something for YOU!

Besides a new format to my blog/newsletter, I also want to give you something each time. Today, I have the gift of some tunes. Because music is good for the soul, I’ve put together a Spotify Playlist for you! Enjoy!

The Warrior Revive and Recharge Mix

Spotify Playlist Warrior Recharge









And if you don’t have Spotify, then I’m including a music video below. Don’t settle for walking when you’re meant to fly. 

And here is a link to a short story I wrote about flying! The Flying Club

Also, I’d love to hear from you. Let me know what you think of this new format and any suggestions/ideas you have for making it better! And let me know how you’re doing, what kind of stories you’d like to read, and what you think of the playlist!






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