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Embers Igniting - fine arts I wrote a scary story complete with sex, lust, murder, and a freaky supernatural element. You can read it HERE.

The short story was selected to be a part of this year’s edition of the Embers Igniting Magazine. Ember’s Igniting is a fine arts magazine promoting artistic endeavors of real, relevant, and radical writing that also incorporates spiritual truths. 

I don’t know if you’ll like the story. To be completely transparent, I’ve been worried it might offend some of my readers. I love you guys and respect your reading sensibilities. and I’d never want to be offensive.

The Power of a Story

This story’s publication and some events from this past week have gotten me thinking about my next steps. I believe in the power of a good story to speak truth into someone’s life. I also know how hard the publishing world can be for those of us who falter on the self-confidence road.

If it weren’t for Sonfire Media/Taberah Press taking a chance on me five years ago and publishing Through the Balustrade, I’d probably have given up on writing. The heart of Sonfire was to help writers, like me, to become traditionally published and share their stories.

The publishing world is unforgiving. A person may have an incredible story, but never get published for a number of reasons that have nothing to do with the actual story or writing. The market’s saturated, the author has no platform, the editor was in a bad mood.

Taberah Press

A Crazy Dream

I’d like to make a difference here and help other authors get their stories out. My Intro to Novel Writing class is part of that dream. Another part is to set up my own traditional publishing house that would specialize in finding stories and authors who just need a break. I have an extensive plan for this, but I lack a necessary element. Experience. Despite my two years working as the acquisitions editor for Taberah, a vast sea of publishing knowledge stretches out before me, and I’m still standing on the shore trying to get my floaties on.

Not only that, but I have my own book to finish. I hope to submit my series to editors and agents this August. I’ll let you know how that goes. I figure I need to brave the submission/rejection world before I can do anything else. (I kind of bypassed that with my first book.)

Lights in a Dark Place

I wanted to share this with you. It’s kind of exciting, and I thought you should know. Plus, I kind of need your support. Don’t worry, I’m not starting a GoFundMe page, but I am to the GoPrayMe place. Will you pray for me as I explore this calling, strive to find a home for my novels, and hope to be a doorway for others to share their messages that matter?

And thank you for reading and supporting me—even my scary, strange stories that might not be your favorite. I appreciate your emails and texts. You are a light for me, and I hope and pray I can be the same for you.

Matthew 5:16



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