Posted by on February 11, 2014

Tuneful Tuesday - Love 1Being loved is a pretty big deal.


I tried to stress that yesterday in that whole One Love is NOT Enough spiel.


I’m pretty sure most people want to be loved. I’m also pretty sure that most people go through at least some point in life when they feel alone and their love-o-meter is pointing dangerously close to zero.


What’s the answer for those times?


Well, a card, flowers, and a box of chocolates probably aren’t going to fill up the tank. A sappy romance is only a temporary fix, and remembering that the gauge won’t always be this low helps, but it doesn’t really do anything about the present.


So what’s a broken, unloved heart to do?


There is one thing.


I may have glossed over it a bit yesterday in an effort to encourage folks to stop passing the buck on loving, but I didn’t mean to.


It’s a wonderful love story.


It’s better than Twilight, Casablanca, Titanic, and the Notebook.


And it’s true.


Maybe for you it hasn’t been written yet. Maybe you’ve heard about it and glanced that way, but haven’t let your heart believe it. Maybe for your pragmatic heart, it’s just too good to be true.


Tuneful Tuesday - Love 2But maybe it’s time to take a second look.


Be still and hear love speak to you.


Can you hear Love?


Love says, “I want you to be with me always.”


Love watches out for you and promises, “I will never leave you or forsake you.”


Love sees you, knows you, and still stays.


Your sadness can not drive love away.


Your poor choices and selfish heart don’t keep love from the pursuit.


Your anger and refusal won’t even keep love from thinking the best of you.


Love is patient and kind, always hoping and always trusting.


Against your wall love tosses a heavy rope and scales the cold stones to rescue your heart.


And when you wonder if this is all for you, love sends a book full of stories and promises and years and years of waiting and wanting and planning.


Love knew you when you were new.


Love knit you when you were torn.


Tuneful Tuesday - Love 3Love never stopped.


So don’t think you have been all alone. Don’t believe the lie that no one cares. Don’t think for one minute that you were ever forgotten.


Love awaits you. The Spirit of God reaches through time and eternity to speak to your heart…to tell you that you are loved, that Love is God, and that God loves you.


For Tuneful Tuesday, I’ve included a very special Love Song just for you.


(Courtesy of Third Day)


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Fred Larmore
Fred Larmore
10 years ago

Another good one, Marybeth. Thank you.

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