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Status Update1. Life’s one big status update- Whenever someone says something clever, you immediately formulate it into a status update or tweet.


2. Loss of identity– You have a good understanding of which Disney princess, 50’s movie star, 80’s rock singer, and looney toons cartoon character you are, but haven’t the slightest idea what you hope to be doing in five years.Social Media Awareness 2


3. Friend has become a verb – meeting new people involves friending and following, not talking and listening.


4. Picture overload – You have over a 1,000 selfies and no pictures of your mom and dad.


social media cat5. Idea saturation – You have more recipes, house projects, craft ideas, and funny cat pictures than you know what to do with.


6. Liked enough – Your outfit choice depends on how many likes/favorites you got on the picture you just posted.


7. 911– Someone breaks into your house and instead of calling the police, the first thing you do is post a status update and tweet a help message.


8. Alone – Despite 852 friends, 4,765 followers, and 900 subscribers, you still feel alone. Social Media Awareness 3


In some ways the world has gotten smaller. I can now stay in touch with friends on the other side of the world and follow real life accounts of news situations by just checking out my FB page, but there are some things that will never be replaced by social media.

                The friend who calls you when she knows you’re down.

                Someone’s smile when you walk into the room.


                Knowing that no lack of service will ever be able to separate you

from the things that matter most. 

How about  you? Can you think of any other signs of social media overload? Put them in the comments and help someone away from their devices!


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