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(I read this article, 21 Things an Introvert Loves, and I thought it might be nice to create my own list of what I think an EXTROVERT loves….how’d I do?)

parades1.  When the teacher says, “Buddy up.” 

2.  Parades.  

3.  Shopping in the grocery store right before a snow storm.  

4.  Sitting at a table right next to someone who is eating lunch alone in a restaurant that’s fairly empty.  

5.  Meeting new people while with old friends at a New Year’s Eve party with a thousand strangers. 

6.  Being at home, skyping with a family member and texting a coworker while checking out Facebook and watching TV with a few friends you’ve invited over.

7.  Not being at home alone.  

8.  A camera and group shots

sporting event9.   Going to sporting events, doesn’t matter what sport just as long as there are a lot of people there. 

10.  Shopping at Short Pump Town Center the day after Thanksgiving. 

11.   Walking into the school cafeteria.  

12.  Carpooling. 

13.  Working out at the gym. 

14.  Talking to people at the gym who are trying to read or listen to their iPod. 

15.  Team sports.

16.  Being on committees and in clubs. 

17.  Talking to the waitress, and the check-out clerk, and the bag boy, and the lady in the next line over, and the…

fourth of july18.  Encouraging quiet people to speak up and pointing out when they don’t.

19.  Beaches in the summer time.

20.  Fourth of July fireworks events

21.  Applause and hugs and surprise parties.

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Karen Vandervelde
Karen Vandervelde
10 years ago

Love this! It exhausted me, being the introvert that I am, but loved it:)

Deb Partridge
Deb Partridge
10 years ago

You nailed it! Some of your extrovert loves made this introvert shudder.

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