Are you looking for someone to lead a youth event, devotional, or women’s group?

How about someone to come to your school or library and share a love of writing and reading?

Have you ever gotten a group of people together for a mystery party?

Do you need someone to do a story time, drama, or voiceover?

Please consider M. B. Dahl for your next event.Speakerpage

M. B. Dahl has spoken to hundreds at summer camp, led devotionals for senior adults, shared stories and truth with small and large groups of children, created and directed a women’s mystery dinner party, and performed in several dramas. She also was cast in a movie once, but producers halted production when funding went south.

Some topics M.B. Dahl has shared:

                 It’s Hard Work – Dreams don’t usually come true when we sit and wait. 

                 “The Great ‘I Am’” – We are loved by the all-powerful creator of the universe.

                Quiet People – Self-acceptance and the art of speaking up.

                 The Wonderful Unknown – A look at heaven, our future, and God’s promises

                Beyond the Looking Glass – Gaining freedom from our fantasy.

                The Art of Storytelling

                A Child’s Journey through the New Testament

M. B. Dahl also writes and facilitates original scripts, dramas, and mystery plays for events.

For more information, click the link!  speaking

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